Months of Supply Trending Up (Slightly)

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Months of Supply Trending Up (Slightly)
The market was moving so fast, with so little inventory, back in February this year, that we saw a recent record low for “months of supply.
The measure “months of supply” takes into account the pace and number of homes going into escrow, and estimates how long it would take to sell every listing on the market.
Now, with a slight drop in the pace of new deals, and a gentle increase in inventory, we’re seeing the arc reverse, and “months of supply” increasing.

It’s all relative, though, as we’ll show.

This chart here shows you a month-by-month snapshot of the data over 14 months, as the supply figure dipped to near-nothing at year-end 2021, then ran up through the end of July 2022.

Basically you are seeing the city’s months of supply returning now to Spring 2021 levels.

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