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Special Options for Buyers & Sellers

We understand that homeowners may face a variety of challenges when preparing to sell. That's why we have developed two assistance options to help make the process of selling easier & more accessible for our clients: Renovate to Sell and Buy Before You Sell.



No Upfront Costs and $0 Due Until Closing.

You probably know that homes that are clean, updated, freshly painted, and staged sell for more money. It's what Edge always recommends for our seller clients.

If you have ever thought to yourself, "I'd love to renovate and stage to sell, but I don't really want to put up the cash," we've got a solution for you! 

At Edge, we provide our clients with options to help make the process easier & more accessible. With the help of our partners at Revive, we can help ready your home for sale, with no upfront costs and $0 due until closing. 

Funds can be used for renovations, painting, and staging. It's a transparent process, with lots of planning and options before any money is spent, and before any work is done.

The difference can be tremendous, with tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more for you at the conclusion of the sale. 

At Edge, we are dedicated to helping our seller clients maximize their profits. This is another great option for our seller clients to help get their homes market-ready.


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Helping Homeowners Achieve Maximum Profit

Every home needs some love before it goes to market. Most homeowners miss out on 15-20% of the value of their home by not making the necessary rehab before putting their home on the market. 

We want to make sure that is never the case for our clients. Whether the renovations are major or minor, we are there with you every step of the way, alongside our trusted team at Revive.





Looking to Buy, But Also Need to Sell?


Writing a contingent offer isn't that attractive, and can cost you a lot more. But then, selling first could leave you with nowhere to go – or a double move!

We can help you avoid the struggle of sequencing your purchase and sale. With our partners at HomeLight, we can help you tap into the equity of your current home first to help with the purchase of your next home.

You can make a strong offer, non-contingent, and move only once. Then, we'll list your home vacant & staged to attract the best sale price possible.


Avoid the Struggle of Sequencing Your Purchase & Sale

Once our partners at HomeLight evaluate your property for the program, you can use the unlocked equity for a number of things:

  • The down payment on your new property 
  • Moving expenses
  • Closing expenses
  • Property repairs

Then, we'll help you make a strong offer on your new home without a home sale contingency — and avoid moving twice. Finally, we'll apply our signature pre-market prep process & list your home in a light that attracts the strongest offers possible.


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